Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rental Renovation Continues 4

Another week goes by with work at the rental.
The plumber (Lyle) hooked up the kitchen faucets, sink and drain. (Not pictured, but the bathroom was hooked up as well. Plus, Lois' garbage disposal let go, so her under the sink got new pipes as well from this same plumber! You know how some people just give him a call and he shows up to do the work!) Beautiful! I love how this turned out! The Tile Guy (Lyle) poses with the counter tops complete!
The Sheet Rocker dude (Lyle) closed in the niche, formerly the wall furnace.
His trusty helper was sleeping on the job !
Then the Plaster came to tape and texture the wall to match existing bumps and lumps.

Cory, that was your nursery! Gone now...
Then the Painter arrives (Lyle) to complete 2 bedrooms and the living room walls and ceilings in all 3 rooms!
So today, the Demo Lady (Marlene) rips up the carpet, vinyl, and floor squares in the dining room and kitchen.
Again, demo done so the Flooring Guy (Lyle) can start with a clear palate! ( toilet in the dining room!)

Painting in the kitchen has begun, but ran out of paint. Painting the wall paper is turning out to be very nice!
Oh yes, after each ceiling was painted, the Electrician (Lyle) hung a ceiling fan in all 3 rooms! This one is the living room.
This is the front bedroom. I will not bore you with the back bedroom picture! Well, there you have another week of hard work at This Old House in Hanford. Hope you enjoyed another tour!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Rental Renovation Continues 3

Lyle's been busy this week! With his trusty assistant...Dottie, he successfully patterned out the tile. Many hours were spent on that tub, just to get it right.
By Friday, he has put in the vanity, sink, toilet, and all the tub and shower fixtures. There are only a few finishing touches to do like paper holder, towel bars, door jams, and mirrors.
I love the pattern and the beautiful update that has been made to This Old House!

The kitchen was included in the tile work this week as well. On Thursday, Lyle did 80% of the main counters in the kitchen. Even though it is up, there are several more steps to go through before completing.
Here is the other side where the stove and fan will go. We have not completely decided what to do with the wall that had the old Z-brick...but thinking about painting the same as the rest of the kitchen.
All week Marlene has been wall papering. Yes, these white walls are wallpaper that will get painted. (The toilet has now been returned to the proper throne room and is no longer the conversation piece of this room.) One wall of the master bedroom has been wall papered as well, but bad light prevented me from taking a picture.
Here I am trying to stay 1 step ahead of Lyle in his tile jobs. He hates demo...and that is one thing that I can do!
The tile on the peninsula has to be removed to make way for the updated look. It was noisy and messy, but I think I was helpful. Tomorrow Lyle can start with a clean palate to work his tile magic in one more place.
Over 24 years ago, Lyle made the cupboards in this kitchen. They were beautiful then and remain in great condition. It is wonderful that we did not have to totally gutt this room like the bathroom. Well, you can see, work is continuing at This Old House. It seems endless, and extremely exhausting, but there is a sense of accomplishment each day when we collapse and rest up to go at it again the next day. I truly look forward to Sundays... our day of rest!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Labor Continues at the Rental 2

Floor tile went down first. Lyle liked the diamond pattern the best. He made all the cuts and it turned out beautiful.
I got my chance at demo. The wall by the heater had to be taken out. So while Lyle was working the bathroom floor, I got to take the wall down. It is a good way to take out a little aggression! Of course, there is the mess to clean up afterward!
So here is a shot of my handwork of wallboard removal and Lyle setting tile in the same shot! The next blog should have pics of tiled walls in the bathroom. It is coming out beautifully!

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there reading this blog today! Hope you have a wonderful day!
A special note for the new year you could get a free A&W Root Beer Float at Neighborhood Church. Just 1 year away!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Labor Continues at the Rental 1

Debricking the Z-brick walls in the, fun, fun!

When you rip off the brick and tile behind the sink and can have a pass through to the bath tub! Pretty convenient, but not very private for the bather.
From the kitchen you can look into the bathroom! Lyle ripped it all out to the studs and pipes. It was the only way to get the original 40's tile down with the Z-brick glued to it! A fresh palate for the artist to transform....after much work!
New wall board, then Hardi Backer, then tile when we find some we like.
Stripping wallpaper is soooooo much fun! Especially when you come to the window you closed in and remembered why the room was wallpapered in the first place!So much more to do!(The other 2 pictures did not download....guess you will see them in the next blog!)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

One More Than Baskin Robbins....

Today was our 32nd anniversary. We had a great day together. We'd like to thank all the people that remember us on our special day.....that would be Lois. It seems like yesterday, that day in '76. I vividly remember Marlene's pastor telling me it wasn't too late to back out, just as we were to open the door and head to the alter. We've survived and thrived and still love each other very much. Now, on to the next year together.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Last Tuesday my 6th grade class performed a rap called "Lies," written by my son Cory, at our Hamilton School Talent Show. I was very proud of their performance. I am especially proud of Cory's use of words to get this "Character Counts" concept across to K-6th graders. Thanks Cory! Enjoy!