Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Taste of 2007 Christmas

We had a great family party at Bob and Linda's.
We were a smaller crowd this year, but we enjoyed food, fun, and fellowship!
(This was the furry hat year!)
Cory and Annie brought the neatest gift boxes from NYC!

Clayton, quit tickling Darlene!

Lois, ready for fun with Cory and Annie.

Lyle's new graphie pine cone pencil...How amazing!

Bruce and Bacome Nappy.

Our alien children are looking more alike all the time! Fun, Fun, Fun!
More to come!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Say what...???

This is an official notice:

The New Years party that has been held at our house for about 15 years will be moved to the Bringards. You can call them for the particulars. Hope to see you there.

L and M

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Behold I bring tidings of great joy........

Merry Christmas everyone. It's a great day to celebrate the birth of the Savior. Hope you all have a wonderful time. Lyle and Marlene

Friday, December 21, 2007

Cory & Annie Home for Christmas!

Cory and Annie are home for Christmas from New York City. Mallory picked them up in Fresno and brought them home to us on Thursday night. Dottie is very excited to see her long lost buddies.
The kids are posin' now by the warm fire, but they will be out and about. Catching up with family and friends....and doing a movie project while here. (I am always amazed how much these two can get done in such a little time.)
One last "Cheese" before Mallory has to head out. Welcome home kids!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Agony and Ecstasy.........

I missed a perfect, unassisted, NYT crossword by two incorrect letters. I think that's as close as I have ever come to beating the word beast. I will press on to the summit where the air is thin and words hard to come by.
We saw Evita last night. I wasn't sure what to expect, interest wise, but because of the quality of the cast and their voices it was riveting. It was probably one of the top three shows we have seen as far as the voices are concerned from the leads to the ensemble. It's an odd show as far as the lack of applause breaks and Eva is dead as the show opens and they then reconstruct her rise to power and then she is dead as the show closes. We were saying how cool it would be if someday we could see Joe come through with a show.

We have become good friends with these ladies that have sat behind us for many years, Gladys, Virginia and Mary. They are the nicest people and we have such a good time with them. I'm afraid this may be the last year that they get their seats as it is getting harder for them to get around. We have been sitting with the same people around us for so many years that we have seen their children grow up and get married or move away. It doesn't seem possible we've been going there that long.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Early Christmas with Nate and Meg

Nathan and Dottie do a little Christmas Dance to celebrate the day after Thanksgiving!

Dottie dressed in Holiday Style.

Meg helped me get Dottie to hold still enough to get the picture WITH the antlers on.

Cute Couple!
Four in a "self-portrait" is a little tricky!

I know I should have cropped this....but Nate will doctor it!

Happy early Holidays....I know .... we forgot the Santa Hats! Merry Christmas!