Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dotty Dog

Our Rat Terrier, Dotty, thinks she owns our yard. As a matter of fact, she thinks she owns our house and us. And in a way, I guess she does. Here she is at one of her favorite knot holes watching to see if anyone is going to get too close to her yard. She will give them that vicious bark that says, "this is my house, I'm here, come closer, let me smell you!" She runs up and down the fence to attract any attention she can get.
Dotty heard a noise. She is very alert to frogs, birds, bugs, cats, etc. She will investigate and take care of any matter that she deems a problem in her yard.

She roams freely in the flowerbeds and paths to make sure everything is in order.

There are many frogs under the logs. She is listening for them. Not pictured, but she will stand for minutes on top to the log pile with her head turning her ears to the sounds. It drives her crazy that she cannot get to the little frogs. She digs at the boards, sniffs, goes from one end to the other, trying to figure out how to get those little frogs.
Oh, a distraction from the logs! What could it be?
In the house, she is the food hunter. She listens for cupboards, refrigerator, drawer, and bag sounds. She knows when it is interesting enough to station herself in the proximity of getting a handout. She does not beg with her voice, just stares you down or nudges you with her nose.

She owns the couch. This is her favorite sleeping place. This day she had gone to the SPCA Doggie Day Spa for bath, nails, and ears. They gave her the bandana. She is feeling pretty special now that it is over! There was no part of the spa that she loved while it was happening. She was not thinking...Wow, I'm a lucky dog, but when it is over, she thinks she's hot stuff! She was even famous in Sunday's Hanford Sentinal, because she was pictured getting her bath. But I don't think it has changed her attitude any.
Not pictured are the 2 videos that I made of her playing with her little Black Rock. She is fascinated with this rock. She loves to paw, nose, flip, swat, and stare at this silly rock. You would enjoy these, but after 4 download tries, I gave up...I didn't think the videos were corrupted! Oh well.
As you can see, nothing much is happening around here other than both Lyle and I have been sick almost 2 weeks and that is a boring blog.
Hope you enjoyed it!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Catching up on August

Lyle has been working in the backyard. I has needed refreshing.
Even though the grass does not need to be mowed anymore, there still is a lot of upkeep. Dottie is Lyle's faithful companion and takes care of barking at people behind the fence, sniffing out the frogs, and chasing the birds.

He is making some raised flower beds by recycling the logs from our old bench and arbor. It is a lot of work!

Changing topic....Here is Grandma Lois on her 84th birthday. By her count, she got 29 cards from family and friends! She had a good day.

Aug. 18 - 20, Nate came up to visit. We always enjoy his help and company. Grandpa Clayton and Grandma Lois are always thrilled to see him. He takes a lot of time to chat and listen to them. Here he is visiting Clayton at Hacienda Nursing Home.
Last week's Farmer's Market got a "Fly Over" from the Lemoore Naval Air Station Jets. Look closely to see the specks in the blue sky. That is as good as I can get as a photographer...sorry!
Some people we talked with....Maria Silva, mother to Mike and Holly, and grandmother to 1.

David Dibble, film maker and really nice guy! David's Fort Roosevelt's film has been accepted to a southern California Film Festival. We wish him well! He is currently working on a western for a commercial. It will be shot locally.

And Stephen Abbas, fantastic photographer and really funny guy! In a good way! That's our latest. Hope you enjoyed!