Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Rental is on the Market...

Our house at 1212 N. 11th Ave. in Hanford is on the market. It is in excellent condition....Move in ready. This 2 bedroom 1 bath with a huge 550 sq ft bonus room on the back has wonderful storage and comes complete with washer, dryer, and refrigerator. It is perfect for a starter home, small family, or a ready to go rental income property. We are asking 129,000. If you or your friends are looking for a great home, please contact Sell Smart Realty. The phone number is the last picture of this blog.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Bee's 2nd Birthday Tea Party in Hanford

We had a Tea Party for Bee's 2nd Birthday. With the help of family and friends, we had a fantastic time.

Lyle made Bee a 2 shaped healthy muffin birthday cake. She really got to eat it because it did not have any processed sugar in it. Use fruit for sweetness, cream cheese for icing, and bran cereal for the muffin base = cake for Bee.

Bee sees her cake for the first time. She liked it.Bee and Papa with her cake.
Bee was afraid to get too close to the candles. Annie helped her do her practice of blowing out the candles.
These are the happy Great Grandparents to Bee. They love her a lot!
This is Dave and Debbie Fox. Debbie made all the sweet mini-treats for the party. She worked 11 hours to make enough treats for 60 people. She is amazing and a wonderful friend to volunteer to do all the hard work! Thank you Debbie! Dave assisted in carrying in and helping set up. Thanks Dave!

Here's Lyle just waiting for the party to begin.Uncle Leonard came by himself to a 2 year old's party. What a wonderful guy! We love you Leonard!

The table was filled with wonderful tasty treats made by Debbie and Bee's Great Grandma Asta.

Family is always the early arrivers!
Bee had a pretend Tea Party with some of the children who came to the party. This is with Tessa. Annie made some tasty looking felt treats for her table. Pretending is so fun!
Viola Swamp got dressed for the party. She has a tea pot dish towel, tea set, and 3 pictures of Bee having Tea at the Plaza Hotel in NYC with Eloise. (A famous book)
Ethan joined the girls. Everyone had a great time watching the show.

Many friends started arriving at the party.Jason, Lindsey, Annie, Tom...
Tom, Asta, Lois, Barbara..
More Tea Fun...
Our Cousins Sheryl and her 1 year old daughter Avery. We really appreciated them coming from Fresno to join us at Bee's party. (Husband Danny and Addison were out with the fishes.)

Avery joined Bee and Tessa for pretending fun.In the family room, the children decorated denim bags to hold the things they got at the party.

Next, the kids made puppets. They could fix them the way they liked. Moms and helpers glued on the felt to the puppets.Denis Bray drove up from So Cal just for Bee's party. What a great guy!
Bee's God-father Joe Sousa rode up with Denis all the way from So. Cal. Bee loves these guys!
Sandee my favorite and the best hairdresser and manicurist is in the background. She had done my nails for nearly 20 years! I was so glad she got to come to Bee's party!

Addison's puppet.Jolie, Jeanine, Annie and Bee...
After the little kids finished with the puppets, the big kids wanted to make puppets too. What fun!
Sorry this is not turned....but well worth the puppet appreciation to look at Bee's Aunt Melissa and her friend's puppets.

Many people crowded around to watch Bee and Annie open the presents.Barbara volunteered to write and keep track of the gifts. She is such a sweetheart!
Great Grandma Asta got Bee an Ariel doll. She really looked at her.
Sheryl and Addison got front row on the floor for the openings. Aren't they cute!
Great Grandma Asta got Bee the necklaces and tiara. She is saying "Cheese" for this picture!
Melissa and Tessa got her those pink shoes....Bee insisted walking around in them. She loves the jewelry and shoes! (That's my girl!)

Cute Bee Dog card.Taylor and Kristian Bringard got bee some new Pink Boots. She loves them!
Lindsey got Bee this cute stuffed animal.
Addison and Bee are saying Goodbye to each other.
Bee got to blow out her candles 3 times for her party crowd. (Good thing we practiced before the party!)
Unfortunately, my camera battery ran out! I had the best shot of Sheryl, Danny, and the girls and it did not take! I recharged enough to get this last shot.
It was a fun party. We wrote down 48 names of people we knew were there. It was pretty crazy at times. People were on the patio, family room, dining room, living room, and sometimes upstairs. They were everywhere! But we had a fun time with beautiful, tasty food!
Thanks to all who helped us with Bee's party! I have wonderful friends! Thanks!