Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lyle's Cons from Nate & Meg

Just before Lyle's birthday, THE package arrived!

Nate and Meg gave Lyle a gift card to design his own Converse Tennis Shoes.

After much thought, many hours of thinking and toying with the ideas, and finally deciding, the order was placed, shoes made, and now were delivered.
TA DA.......

Peacock Feathers with black details!

They are titled..."Cool Grandpa" in aqua stitching.

The wrapping said...
So there they are...

One of a kind, Lyle designed, Cool Grandpa Cons. Thanks to Nate and Meg for the really fun Christmas present!
P.S. Lyle wore them all over Las Vegas, and they are comfortable too!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm Diggin' Up Bones........

The Silverton sent us tickets for Randy Travis on Friday night. Thought the show would be good but didn't know how good. He was great! What a show....all his hits from the past just like they were recorded, and there are a lot of them. His band is unreal, they are so good. The time flew by. There's a taste of the show attatched although the quality is not the greatest. Anyway, it was well worth the trip and I'd recommend seeing him. In fact he's going to be at the Palace this week and I wouldn 't mind going. We also met a really nice couple next to us and really hit it off. It was definately a Divine moment in time as they are in a really hard spot right now. I hope we can follow up and develop the friendship.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rental Painting On Lyle's BEE-DAY

Painting started at 8:00 in the morning. Going from White to "Blank" at 1212. The rental was in need of a new paint job!

Dave Fox came over and helped Marlene tape over the windows, steps, french doors.

About 3 hours later, Lyle was around the house.

Under the carport and all the eves got a fresh new look. It is sooooo much better!

Lyle is wearing the paint speckles. He said he took a face full one time.
Dave made a Starbucks and cleaning scrubber run for us.

With both Dave and Lyle cleaning, it took over 2 hours to clean the sprayer and hoses of the power sprayer.
Big job over by 2:00. It looks fresh and clean.
Touch up and trim work is next...but not today!
A big thank you to Dave for helping!
Happy Birthday Lyle!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!

Today, we celebrate a risin Christ!
After church photo. So glad Nate is in town to celebrate Easter with us!
Happy Easter, everyone!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Clayton's Home Going Celebration

Today we celebrated the home going to heaven of a wonderful man... Clayton Arnold Bruce.
He was a wonderful husband to Colleen for over 46 years and Darlene for over 12 years.
He was a great dad to Lyle for over 57 years and Coleen, Doug, and Martin over 12 years.
He was a fantastic grandfather to Nathan for over 30 years and Cory over 26 years and Darlene's grand-children as well.
He loved his Great-Granddaughter, Bee. He loved and enjoyed all of Darlene's great-grand-children as well.
He blessed his family!
Clayton knew and loved God! He was a faithful, kind, loving, generous, and honest man.
We are proud to call him dad.
Today, Pastor John Stafford spoke at his graveside service. He did a wonderful job.
John knew Clayton because he visited him regularly at the nursing home. Thanks John! God's Divine humor.... Clayton and Colleen purchased their burial plot 1 space away from Darlene and Ralph's burial plot many years before he decided to ask her to be his 2nd wife! Interestingly enough, Colleen and Ralph died about 5 months apart. So all their bodies are lying close together in the cemetery. But they are rejoicing in Heaven around God's throne.
God always has a plan!

Today we found out that Darlene's daughter Coleen will be buried just one row away.

God knew! He makes me smile!

We were surprised, amazed, and thankful for the many friends and family to came to the graveside memorial service today. There was a huge gathering!

Lyle is catching up with his cousin Bruce who traveled from San Jose for the service.
Thanks Bruce for taking your time and driving all the way to be with us!

Uncle Quint is the last surviving Bruce in Clayton's generation. Clayton and Quint built their houses next door to each other. They were always together. Susan, Lyle's cousin, made sure that Quint got to the service from Fresno. We love being with family! Thanks Susan & Quint!

We have such good friends who joined us today. We love Dave and Debbie Fox, Arlene Heinrich, Susan and Paul Bringard. You are faithful friends and surround us with your prayers and love!Thanks you guys for taking your time to be with us today!

Nate and Meg drove over this morning from their vacation at Morro Bay. We know that Nate loved his grandpa very much. He made it a priority to come and visit both sets of grand-parents on a regular basis. It means a lot to us that you both were there. Thanks Nate and Meg!

Darlene's family was such a wonderful part of Clayton's later life. He loved spending time with this family. They are a fun bunch and took him in and loved on him. We appreciate them so much! They brought a lot of life into Clayton's world! Thank you Hodsons' and Grabows'! There were many church friends and people who worked with Clayton at the Memorial.
Although I missed getting their pictures, we are grateful that they joined us. Thanks to all these friends and especially the kind loving ladies at Glad Tidings Church who provided and served a wonderful lunch for our family and friends. You are sooooo gracious, generous, and good to us!
Lyle with Don Jenkins. Myrna is in the background. More great friends!

My mom, Lois, is being hugged by Donna Yeary. These were great friends of Clayton and visited him regularly.
I need to take a moment and give my mom credit for the many days and hours she spent with Clayton in the nursing home. She was faithful to visit 5-7 days per week from the time Darlene died until the end. (Almost 2 years!) On Clayton's last day on earth, Lois did not go to church that day, she spent it with Clayton singing, praying, and reading the Bible. This is very special to Lyle and I. She really cared for Clayton and for people. (She has made so many friends at Hacienda, she has decided to continue going to the nursing home on a regular basis to love on those people who can't get out and go like she does.) She is a wonderful woman of God!
I need to mention Cory, Annie, and Bee for a moment. We know they really wanted to fly in from New York, but we told them not to come. God blessed them with purchasing a new apartment in Brooklyn and this is a critical time for them to be in NY to move into their new place. We know they love grandpa and hated missing this special service. (This blog is for you!)
I have been blessed with wonderful in-laws. Colleen and Clayton took me in from the very start. I was the daughter they never had. They loved on me and made me feel like part of their warm loving family. I learned from them and grew because of them. Their strong Christian values became the center of our home and family. I am grateful for the legacy they have left and I pray that my children and grandchildren will know, feel, and continue in Christ's love and purpose as shown by Clayton, Colleen, and Darlene Bruce.