Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lincoln High 40th High School Reunion

Hey Lincoln 69ers! Here are the promised pictures!
It is MY just had to start with the BEE!
Enjoy the Memories!
I had such a wonderful time seeing you all again!
There was not a klinker in the group!
I am very proud of our Lincoln Lancers of 1969!
You are all winners in my book!
Hope to see you in 10 years....walkers, wheelchairs included!
Enjoy and make copies as you like.
Just click and save to a file.
(I usually send to Walgreens and pick up in 1 hr. Free commercial)

Thanks for the Memories!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day - 2009

Wishing 3 GREAT FATHERS a Happy Father's Day 2009!
Clayton, Dad, Grandpa, Great-grandpa...We love you and hope you have a wonderful day!Cory's first Father's Day. Thank you for Bee! You are a great dad!
I love to see the joy this little girl has brought into your life!
Happy Father's Day!

Lyle, you are a great father!
Such a great role model and man of God!
Happy Father's Day!
In celebration, Nathan got you the perfect gift this year!
When he saw these Cons...he knew you had to have them!
Loving the moment with his dad....
Choosing the right present for your dad's Father's day....Priceless!A happy dad in his new Cons! Priceless!
Red gel bottoms!
Not pictured, Lyle wearing his new red Cons to church today!...and all day!
Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful guys out there!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Yard Rocks!

Tuesday Stoneys delivered 2 tons of large river rock for our front yard.

This is what 2 tons look like....not much!  But moving 2 tons feels like moving 2 tons!  If you get my drift!
It was not enough!

So on Wednesday, we got 4 tons of large river rock and 2 more tons of the next size down.  This is what 6 tons of rock looks like.  The sound is deafening when they dump it and look out for flying rocks.. Both Nate and Lyle got hit!   AND...Really fun to move!  NOT!

Here is after many rocks had been moved around the front yard.  Improvement!Lyle brought Clayton over to enjoy the show and watch us work!  It was a good outing for him.  But he was tired by 11:00 and I took him back to rest.Well, after moving about half of the pile, we decided to move the rest tomorrow morning when it is cooler and there is more shade on this west side of the house.  It was time to go in and have lunch!  Thanks Nate for all your help...even with the rickety old wheel barrow.
On a different topic, Yesterday, I applied to be a substitute for Kings County.  
I could not believe all you must do to qualify even after 36 years of teaching.  
I had to be fingerprinted...paid $46 to see if I was a criminal!  Duh!  They did not accept my originals from 33 years ago! 
After an hour of how to get your sub jobs on the Internet,  you get to watch videos from the 80's for safety training, reporting Child Abuse, and Workman's Comp.!   This process was from 2:00 - almost 5:00...3 hours!  
I guess the children of Kings County will be much safer now that I have put in 3 hours of sub training!