Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Remembering Karl......

I spent the day with my father-in-law Karl. He's been gone for almost 5 years but I'm sure he was hanging around with me today. Let me tell you what I did....

This morning I went over and aerated the lawn at the house on 11th Ave, then I went to Fresno and watched the Fresno Grizzlies play an afternoon game. You got in free to the game if you parked in certain lots.

So what's this got to do with Karl? Years ago on a visit to Denver, Karl showed me this tool you use to put holes in your lawn so the water gets down deeper etc. I've seen him use it several times. I was fascinated and I knew I wanted that thing. Now Karl had just about one of any kind of tool you could ever want but that was the one I never forgot. When it came time to move them out here, I made sure the aerator was coming west. It's about 3 feet long with handle bars and a place for your foot, with one tube on each side of your foot that you push into the lawn repetatively and the plugs come out the top. While I am walking around the yard making plugs of dirt, I got to thinking of Karl.

Karl was also a big fan of the Triple A baseball teams in Denver. He went for years to see the Bears and Zephyrs play. This was before the Rockies came into existence. He would tell stories of the guys he knew at Mile High who would get him the "good" seats because he was a "Senior" and had a hard time walking. So naturally while I'm sitting there watching this Triple A baseball game, I thought of Karl. He would have been pleased with me. I think the only things that would have made the day better for him would have been a nap and a trip to the Kings Table Buffet. This day was for you Karl.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Celebrating Mother's Day 2010

Lois Lind is a fantastic mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother! She lives love, caring, prayer, hope, help, faith, honesty, and friendship...just to name a few of her wonderful qualities. We celebrate you today!

She loves roses!

She is my mom and I love her with all my heart!

I love lilies! Thanks Nate and Meg! I love you very much!

I love Cory, Annie, and my little Bee. Today I celebrate the wonderful Gifts of God in my life. Lyle is my soul-mate and the best man I know. Without him, I would not be a mom. I would not have such wonderful children and a granddaughter. I am filled with awe and wonder at the fantastic gifts of life my Savior has given to me. I am a truly blessed woman.
Thanks to all!
Daughter, Wife, Mom, Mimi Marlene

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vegas in April

April 14th we went to Vegas. It was our 1st time to stay at Green Valley Resort. They gave us an executive suite. It was 850 square feet. These pics were taken after we messed up everything, but you get the idea in size. We liked it!

Red Rock Resort is about 15-20 miles off strip. We really like it there. I always wanted to take a picture of the fountain. I just like it. It is a beautiful contemporary place to stay.

This is from the freeway in the North West of Vegas. This is where we are looking to get a place.
We love the mountain views.

The next house pictures are all from the house we like the best...so far... It is the "Wakefield" by Warmington at Northern Terrace Providence. It is in a gated community with The Club. Clubhouse, 3 swimming pools, workout facilities, etc.


Front bathroom


Dining Room

Living/Family room

Living Room

Attached Kitchen to Living room More Kitchen

Living space

More Mountain views from NW Vegas.

View from freeway looking toward the strip from NW Vegas. It is about 20 miles away.

Cory, I thought you would like to see this decorating idea we saw in one of the model homes we visited.

I have many more pics but this is all I have time to share from this Vegas trip.

We did enjoy a wonderful Randy Travis concert and many other fun things that I did not take pictures of.

Hope you enjoyed a little bit of Vegas that you don't always get a chance to see if you just stay on The Strip.