Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday in March

Typical Saturday morning at the Bruce's. Catching up on friends and events. A video chat with Cory, Annie, and Bee. After this, Lyle will go to mow lawns at the rentals. He has already baked a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies for a friend in our Bible Study. (What a guy!)Dottie is being lazy on the top of the couch. She has been watching me take pictures of my new Bee Bees Originals bags to put up online.Here are some of the large denim beach bags I will be posting in my Etsy shop today.

I hope they sell! Go to to see my other original items. Enjoy!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pancake and Friends + LV Town Center Pics

Yea! On Feb. 21st , Pancake, his girlfriend Ani, and the German came by for a visit. It was fun catching up with these great friends. It is always great to see how time is changing and growing the old high school kids into wonderful independent adults. We are really proud of these kids!These are promised pics from the new Las Vegas Town Center that is being built in the middle of the Las Vegas strip. It was our first visit to this place. We marveled at the architecture. It is amazing! It almost seems that there are no squared off walls in the place. It was a fun adventure.

These steps are lighted from behind. They are thinly slided rocks floating in the glass. The colors and shapes are amazing!

This curved wood was part of a restaurant. Beautiful woodworking!

The high end stores were everywhere. The displays were amazing. The pillars are melting ice into a pool. I am sure that in the summer, this will be a "hot spot" for cooling off.

This is inside the mall area. Unbelievable lines!
Outside from the strip, you get the angles of the buildings, sticking out in all directions!

Outside again! The glass and looking inside to see the structure....again...amazing!

The name of this mall is called Crystals.This was just a portion of a huge wall painting. Still under construction.

The mosaic is individual wood tiles! PATIENCE to put this together!

We were fascinated at the wracks! Did not go in...just admired from afar!

These are metal trees down the center of the mall hall. Very cool!

A closer look.The natural light was wonderful.

There was an abundance of are and amazing structures. I love this piece out of marble.

This is a gigantic curved wall of water. You can see some workmen walking at the top. This is not a public place. But it gives you some perspective of the size of this beautiful place. It also is very tranquil.
There are lights in this fountain that change the color. Also there are many water patterns this fountain performs! Fun to watch, but we got kicked out from standing by it and taking pictures. It is by the hotel valet drop off for the Aria Hotel.

Inside the Aria, there was a lot of eye candy. This was by a confection shop!

These buildings are leaning in many directions. It looks as if they may tip over. The yellow and gray is not open, but looks to be offices or apartments. Very modern and fun to look at.Well, there was so much more to see and do there. We will have to go back and gather more wonderful pics as buildings open and the center expands. It is the newest thing in Vegas that we know about.