Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Great Surprise...

On Sunday we took the opportunity to visit Clovis Hills Church, way north out of Fresno in the foothills. We were very impressed. It is extremely casual, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I was taken with all the art that was displayed along the hallways. Later, I found out that they had been done as "illustrated sermons" during church services. This info came to me on Monday from one of my co-teachers, Stephanie Wallbridge, that attends Clovis Hills. (She had been at the 1st service.)

Inside is a gigantic hardscape church...No carpet, soft modular seating, and at least a 3 story stage, with 3 huge screens. (I understand the staging is changed with each new sermon series.) The music was upbeat and worshipful with excellent visuals and power point. The sermon was delivered in a casual style that got to the point and made you think.
There were 2 riviting interviews that connected the sermon points and touched my heart.
After Worship and Teaching, while the offering was being taken, the announcments happen. This was the best surprise for Lyle and I.... I heard this familiar voice....even though we did not know a soul in the church....

It was Cory! Yes, Cory....on 2 huge screens! The church had bought his "Tough Questions" video, and there he was! Lyle started laughing. I had to nudge him to quiet him down. No one really knew what had tickled us so much....but God has humor! I love the way he blesses us with little surprises! This was touching and fun to see his video being played...a head shot! Of course I grabbed the camera and took a picture!

When we got outside, Lyle gave Cory a call in NYC and told him we had seen him in church! What fun...a great memory for us. God is good!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Celebrating 9132.5.......

Today we are wishing a Happy Birthday to Cory. The number above is how many days he has been on the planet, or 25 years. I think we all agree the world is better for having known Cory Bruce, and sometimes it seems most of the world has known him at one time or the other. We wish you a very Happy Birthday and many more wonderful days.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Want More.......

I barely remember how to do this, it's been so long. I hope to get back into the swing of things, as I know you are all crying out for new, creative posts from me to enrich your days.
Anywhoooo, We went to see Oliver last night. I was interested to see how well it went, as this was the first show of the tour after they finished rehersals in NYC. As expected there were some glitches...starting late, spot lights where they shouldn't be but that kind of thing just makes live theater real. Overall the voices were very strong. The orchestra was small and hidden on stage in the props but they put out an incredible amount of great music. The play started slowly but picked up speed and finished nicely. It is Dickens so it tends to the grimer side of life and not necessarily a childrens show. We also had a great time reconnecting with the friends that we have sat with for many years. Next show won't be until January so we wished everyone a Merry Christmas. This felt good and I think I will write again soon.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rental Renovation Air Conditioner Arrives!

Wednesday, September 3rd, the crain was in place to lift up the AC.....
Yea! The Air Conditioner arrived around 4:30. There were 2 units on the trailer, only the smaller one was ours. (The other was going to The Fraternal Hall on 10th Ave.)
Ron hooked the crane to the unit. LIFT OFF!

Ron and Steve, AC guys and my friend from Hanford Elementary. Good Guys!
Making final attachments and adjustments....
Looking good from the back yard!
Well, Kristian and Taylor are moved in. We are resting for this month before tackling the outside. I know you could see some repairs that need to be made to the rain catchers and finish boards before painting. There is still much work to do, but the AC is in and working. The house is soooooooooooo much better than when we lived there. We are proud of our hard work so far.
There will be more to show in October.
Hope you enjoyed this update.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm hot.....

No really, I'm hot.......because the AC unit that was SUPPOSED TO GO IN TODAY DIDN'T GET ORDERED AND DELIVERED. It will be put in tomorrow and it doesn't really matter much, but you wait and wait for that final moment and then poof, it's gone. I can only believe that God protected us from a city inspector driving by on Tuesday between 4 and 5 (the permit didn't get pulled). We're limping to the finish line. The end really is in sight.