Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day Happenings 2010

Christmas started with a call from New York from Annie, Bee, and Cory. Bee got to open her presents with us. She got the Hot Pink Bike she had asked Santa for. Here Annie is holding it up to the webcam to show us Bee's new walking bike. There are no peddles or training wheels. It is a bike where the kids walk it and learn to balance. It only weighs 6 lbs. Bee was very happy to open this present. She gets to ride around the house right now.... there's snow outside.At 10:00 we went to Jesse, Kate, and Ainsley's Christmas Brunch. Kate fixed a wonderful meal for Jesse's mom and dad, Lori and Mike, and our family.

Here is Lyle giving Ainsley a little love.
Ainsley got a new bib. Right now she needs bibs. She just cut her 1st tooth last week.
Time to open presents....

Nugget the cat was having a great time in the bumbo.
At 4:00 We were in Fresno at Sheryl and Danny's with Lyle's cousins. We always have fun with the cousins.
Avery (1) did her own thing.... you could find her reading books or clinging to mommy Sheryl.
This is our family call with David. Nancy was holding the phone and everyone was talking to David in San Francisco.

Danny got a helicopter for Christmas. He was entertaining us with flying it in the house. I must say, he was quite a good pilot!
Addison got a singing and dancing Mickey Mouse. Pretty fun to watch!
Sheryl... being funny!
Guys hanging out.
Sara, Geoff, and baby Caleb, Maddie in the purple. Danny missed dinner with the family, he was called to Visalia to see his grandpa in the hospital and support his mom.

This year we brought shiny sunglasses for everyone. Lyle got most everyone's pictures. There were no group pictures this year. Too tired, I guess.
Linda and Bob
Sara, Geoff with glasses on top of the heads.
Addison and Maddie
So the real fun began for the kids and Nappy the dog, when Lyle laid down on the floor to tease and play with the dog and kids.
The kids went crazy throwing paper, jumping on Lyle, yelling... We were all laughing and encouraging the rough-housing... Joshua had the best time with that box and Lyle!

In the end, the kids raced and cleaned up all the paper. They did a great job! No damage to the house or people. Fun memories created!

When we were leaving, the rain was really coming down and Lorraine was just getting to the party. She handed us our gifts as we were climbing into the car. We missed not being able to catch up with her.

It was a great Christmastime. God has been so good to us. We feel really blessed.

Special thanks to Kate and Sheryl for all the preparation of the houses and food. You are great gals! Thanks for including us in your Holiday plans.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve at The Bruces'

Nate drove all the way to Hanford to be with us for Christmas Eve Dinner. He is a great son. Tomorrow morning he will get up very early to drive back to Anaheim to have Dinner with Meg's family. So we got to open presents tonight! Yea!

Festive B for Bruce and Bee....I love our tree this year. You can see the snowman through the window that we light up at night.

So Nate brought our latest Grand Pet.... Wren. She is almost 5 months old and is a ball of energy!
What a cute face and is as sweet and good natured as she looks.
She had to spend some time in the pen during dinner and package opening. Our dog Dottie was not a fan of being chased everywhere in her own house.
Nate and Grandma Lois waiting for the IChat to begin with Cory, Annie, and Bee in Brooklyn.

Lyle looking festive.

Bee got to open her "Grandma Lois" presents tonight before she had to go to bed.

Grandma Lois is showing Bee the seashell that Bee sent her for Christmas. Bee found it at the Coney Island beach, decorated it, and sent it all the way to California to Gma Lois.

Bee was looking cute in her new Christmas dress.

Grandma Lois got Nate some Australian Root Beer. He has wanted to try it. He likes tasting different brands of Root Beer.

Guess what Bee sent us..... We love our new Bee Shirts!

Grandma Lois got a new fancy sweatshirt. Wren got a new purple ski vest.... Nate will not walk the dog in this Diva vest.... lol

Cool shirts of a beautiful girl! Love you Bee!

Soooo even though these pictures are sideways.... I love them!
This is a poster size picture of Bee at our piano. It will be framed and hung over our piano. I love it!!!!!!!

Here are more Christmas treasures. Bee Art, Coach Purse, Shirt, Food treats, and felt pins... Love the thoughtfulness of these gifts. Thanks Cory, Annie, and Bee!
Here is our other Poster size picture our our little Princess. I think it is bigger than life... and so beautiful!

Just wanted to show a close up of under our tree. These are of Bee last year. God really blessed our family with this beautiful little girl. She is right there with all the other Christmas presents.
Merry Christmas Eve... everyone!

Love, The Bruces'