Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where's The Beef?.......

So I'm digging through the freezer the other day, thinking I could make more room for more important things, when I came across this bag. Talk about your connundrum wrapped in a riddle! NATE'S MEATLESS MEATBALLS, now there's an oximoron for you. Obviously it was left by the non-high fructose, hydrogenated oil free New Yorkers during their last visit, but to have the older Weinerschnitzel loving son's name attatched is shocking. I must see what else is lurking in the frozen depths.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good Golly Miss Polly----Wog That Is......

We have pollywogs, for the first time in quite a few years. There's maybe a hundred or so, not the thousands we have had in the past. I hope enough stay around for awhile to watch them grow.

This is my mostly blind fish that you practically have to hand feed. He has real trouble finding the food. I thought he had gotten eaten when a heron or egret found this to be a tempting sushi bar. Several fish were taken and it traumatized the others so badly that they stayed hidden for months and I thought I had gotten completely wiped out. They are slowly coming around but still skitish.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

spring musings.....

With the abundant rain this winter comes the abundant blossoms. It is a flowery feast for the eyes everywhere you go.What's a spring without peeps? They made themselves at home in the backyard.

Peeps by the pool .

This is a toilet paper tree just starting to bloom....very rare.

Lattice peeps.

A rare rear peep at peeps. This shot replicates some that I have taken at the Lind family reunion at the park in Greeley.

I saved this for last because it means the most to me. These Iris rhizomes(?) are very old. These were my grandma Hatchers, my mom's mom, from her garden. She was a prolific flower grower. When she passed away and they sold the house, I took all the white ones I could get and have been taking care of them for over twenty years. I think these could easily be thiry to forty years old, maybe even older. I have moved them many times around the yard but the last move this winter seems to be the best. They are flourishing. As long as I see them I will always think of grandma Hatcher, I spent many hours of my youth with her in the garden and aviary. Happy times.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Lyle!

Today is Lyle's Special day. He is never much for elaborate birthday celebrations in his honor. We had a quiet dinner, went to a couple of stores for groceries and school supplies, then to Hacienda to visit his dad and get laundry. Woo Woo! We are now relaxing with Huell Howser's California Gold and Americal Idol. That's about all the excitement we get!
Lyle's cards sport a variety of styles. But, no matter how simple he likes to have things, he is an amazing man! People who are close to him, know his talents, humor, skills, cooking, and creativity. He is an inspiration to me and I love him a lot! Happy Birthday Lyle! You the man!

Nate in town for Cats!

It was great to have Nate in town for a couple of days. We had Cats tickets for Tuesday night. Lyle had had a hard day with cement work, so Nate escorted me to the Saroyan Theater in Fresno. It was a good show, although Nate said it was typical for an 80's audience. He really was unsure of missing "plot" for cat behaviors and attitudes...but he got through it!
I love live theater. I am amazed at talent and abilities of the people on stage. The dance was fabulous, voices were strong, and the acting is always amazing. Nate was just warming up here. Unfortunately, he was not called up on stage. Thanks for going with me Nate! Love ya!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy 11th Anniversary Clayton and Darlene!

Yesterday, this cute couple celebrated another milestone...11 years together! They have been great company and a help to each other. They have shared each other's families and enjoyed the grand and great grand kids together. There special moments together this year were spent at the nursing home, as Clayton's legs just aren't dependable. It has been a rough road this past week through the hospital then to Hacienda on Thursday for Clayton. We pray God's Blessing on both of their lives. They are wonderful parents. We love you!