Monday, October 19, 2009

Bee's 1st Birthday Party!

Saturday was Bee's 1st Birthday Party. It was an animal theme and several people wore costumes at the party. Of course, Cory, Annie, and Bee were a "Pride of Lions!" Annie worked hard to make her and Bee's costumes from fabric that they got at a stoop sale in NYC. Barbara was a darling Ladybug! (It was an act of love for this Pride of Lions to stay in costume for the hot humid weather we were having.) Later, Bee re-costumed to a colorful parrot that Annie made for her as well. You can't have enough costumes or looks for your 1st Birthday Party! Bee was in great form and did not cry at her 4 hour open house party. There were almost 50 people attending and moving through the house and back yard. She was a happy girl for everyone!
There was a variety of yummy cakes.
And the best cake of all was the one that Melissa and Jill made! This special cake was designed and made with special ingredients that Cory, Annie, and Bee would enjoy! Annie was thrilled that there would be a healthy cake at Bee's 1st Birthday!Cory found one of the boxes from a baby doll gift that seemed just the right comment to put Bee in the Box. "Starter Baby Doll!" Today I gathered up a few of the cute gifts that Bee got for her birthday. After posting, I noticed that the Monkey doll has his arm over the "Starter Baby's" face. Some of the gifts were not available for pictures, because Bee and Annie took them to Lemoore and spent the night. Thanks to all for all the thoughtful gifts for Bee.I loved the bright yellow bags that were perfect for our Bee's special day! I am amazed at all the cute Bee things I find and now look for when I shop. I love Bee's name!

I will close this blog with a short video of the end of the Happy Birthday song. I apologize for the quick pan of the guests and that I did not get more pictures of everyone. We had a great day and appreciate all the people who took the time to celebrate our Bee's 1st Birthday. Thank you!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Great Weekend with Grandbaby Bee!

What a fun weekend with Bee in our home! Papa and Mimi are loving this baby girl!
Yesterday was Bee's first Garage Sale. Cory and Annie are letting go of many of their stored items and they sold many of them at Grandma Lois' house yesterday morning. Even though it was not advertised, there was a great turn out with just 2 signs at each end of the street. Annie has Bee in the Ergo to have hands-free selling.
Uncle Nate came up from Anahiam for the weekend. He and Grandma Lois enjoyed watching the Garage Sale Show! Nate loaned Gma Lois his autographed cowboy hat for effect.
Annie called 2 girlfriends to come over toward the end of the sale. Cory is holding Bee. At the bottom of this picture you can see some VHS Movies. Cory had hundreds of these. He sold a fair number, then gave the rest away. We are very proud of him to let go of these saved treasures! Not pictured, but later on Saturday, Annie went to her High School Reunion Party. She had worked hard to make this happen. It is not easy to plan and get it all organized from NYC. But there was a great turn out and everyone had a great time!
Also, Jill, Annie's step-mom had a birthday Cory, Lyle, and I attended the party while Uncle Nate and Annie baby setted Bee going to bed for the night ...until we got home. Then Cory, the German, and Nate crashed the Reunion for a little while.

Today at church Bee got to meet baby Carson. She loved seeing this little guy!
Robert, Annie's dad, posed with his daughter and granddaughter. You see, we go to the same church, South Valley Community Church in Lemoore, but different services. So Bee got to church early enough to meet our friends as they were leaving, and be with Robert and his family for the 2nd service. Great Planning! Well after church, Annie, Cory, and Bee attended Annie's 10th Lemoore High School Reunion Picnic. This was a picnic in the park for the families to get together. They had a great time!

Still loving this baby! Birthday on Tuesday...Party on Saturday! Fun Fun Fun!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bee Flies to California and Brings Cory & Annie

When your only granddaughter wakes you up at 5:00 AM,
you get up and play!
It doesn't matter what you look like,
you just laugh and have fun!
Bee is a happy and busy girl in the morning.
We go from toys to books to kitchen cupboards.
It is a good time!
I made a little play area for Bee in the family room.
It seems to be the place to gather.
Mallory, Annie, Cory, Dotty and Bee having a good time on Sunday afternoon after church.
This morning, Papa, Mimi, Dotty, and Bee played with the kitchen things on the kitchen floor.
It really doesn't take much to have fun with an 11 1/2 year old!

Bee has had a lot of fun with this talking box.
Push the button and it talks.
Open and close the lid. Pound and make a drum.
She started to even climb in.
Boxes and babies...good time!
The weather was beautiful today.
Walkers on driveways are the best...
lots of room to go backward and forward,
talk to the dog, and enjoy the sun.

Bee enjoyed her stroller rides. 3 times around the cult-u-sack.
Bee is definitely a stroller baby.
That is her main ride in NYC next to being carried.
(Grandparents love strollers! Her 25 lbs. gets heavy after awhile!)
Pushing your 11 month old grandbaby in a stroller............ PRICELESS! Can't wait until Tuesday.... when I can say.... 1 year old!
It will be Bee's birthday!

Here's a little video of Bee going forward in the walker.
She started this ride only going backward,
but finally she got the idea of going forward.
(Sorry you hear my voice so much behind the camera,
but I was really glad that she figured it out!)
YEA BEE!!!!!