Sunday, March 22, 2009

Still Enjoying Paul Coleman Concert!

A few weeks ago, we went to a free Paul Coleman concert at our church. He is one of the Newsboys. He was traveling through...and offered a free concert. He was just trying out some of his new songs he's writing for a future album. It was fun and quite uplifting. Here's a taste.

(This one is based on the idea of the prodical son.) Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's Show Time....

Last night we saw Ain't Misbehavin with American Idol winner Rueben Studdard and AI finalists Frenchie Davis and Trenyce Cobbins. Once in awhile it is difficult to put into words just how good a show is, this is one of them. It features the music of Fats Waller. The set is a Harlem jazz club and stays the same throughout the show. The band is on stage and faces the audience and they were beyond exceptional. There are only five singers in the show and it is what is called a "sung through" show, meaning there is vertually no dialog. The voices were really as good as you can get and they tore the place up with their energy and comedy. They all made good eye contact with us sitting in the front row and that's unusual as most performers look at the back of the house. This show is so good it easily makes it into the top ten shows we've seen, creeping toward the top five. I love live theater, but when it's this good it stays with you for awhile. I remember when my parents took me to a semi-professional production of The Music Man at the Fresno Memorial Auditorium. I was maybe ten. I have never forgotten that night it made such an impression.