Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ya sure we love our ABBA.....

Saw Mama Mia last night, for the second time in about a year and a half. We love this show! I may go back and sit in one of the cheap seats before the run ends. It is the most lively, feel good show that you can see live. It makes you smile ear to ear. The actress that played Donna, the mother, we had seen years ago as Fantine in Les Mis. She could really fill the theater with her voice. One of the fathers was the guy that plays Electricity in the Propane ads on TV. He could really sing. Overall the quality of the voices was high and the dancing very good. Made friends with the conductor and just had a great evening. Adjo allesamman.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baby Addison Turns One

Addison had her first birthday party last Saturday, March 1st. She was a perfect 1 year old princess! There were no tears and a great time was had by all! Along with the cake, wonderful Italian food was enjoyed by everyone. Addison was a perfect honoree. Addison loves to play with her toys! She shared with the other 10-12 little friends that wandered throughout all the adults.
Sheryl and Danny glow with joy as they look at their beautiful little girl. You can tell, she is the joy of their life. When Danny prayed for her, he expressed his greatful heart to God for the tremendous blessing God had given them in Addison. (I loved his prayer!)
Addison enjoyed her own cake while people gathered around to look, laugh, and take pictures.

The house and back yard were full of friends and relatives. The bounce house was entertaining for young and old...(If you can call Geoff...old!)
Sheryl had to do most of the unwraps because Addison was busy with the toys and her friends. She received wonderful toys, books, and clothes.
It was a great day for the Little Princess!
Happy 1st Birthday Addison! We love you!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

DARE Hockey with 6th Graders '08

For the several years, Officer Dillon has allowed me the pleasure of chaperoning the outstanding 6th grade students to the Fresno Falcon Hockey Game reward trip. This year, I had 9 students from Hamilton Elementary. They were a great group! Only one had ever been to a hockey game before. When we got to the Save Mart Center there were fun things to collect, prizes to win, food and souvenirs to buy. Little Ceaser had a good time posing with some of my girls.We were in Row S. We got free shopping bags and blow-up clappers. The game was fun to watch but Cincinnati Cyclones beat the Fresno Falcons 2 to 1. After the game, the gang gathered around the giant bulldog for some pictures. C

We had a great time on Leap Year Day. We got back to JFK to meet the parents at 11:15 pm. This was way past Ashley Brown's 8:30 bedtime...she announced! This was a very special trip because Officer Dillon will retire in about 90 days. He has been a great DARE Officer for our community. This blog's for you Officer Mark Dillon!