Friday, November 23, 2007

A Busy 2 Days of Fun...

Thanksgiving Day 2007...We had a good time having Grandma to dinner.

Grandma had a good time hunting and gathering to fill her plate.

Later we had a Lucy visit. She is getting bigger! Very hard to take her picture...she moves quickly!Friday was spent taking down the Thanksgiving and putting out the Christmas. Nate and Meg came for the weekend. We had Christmas for them because Meg will not be able to be here for Christmas. Dottie was very interested in Meg's chocolates!
Christian and Taylor came by with the newest addition to Taylor's family... Meet Lenny! He is a very cute golden retriever.

What a nice family photo!

So Nate and Meg went with us to the annual Hanford Christmas Parade. I always go to support my school kids on the DARE float.

Here's Maggie, Bernie, and Brianna....cute Hamilton 6th grade girls.

Here's Megan from my class.

This wonderful lady with me is Mrs. Harris. Even though Bernie is in the other 6th grade class, she volunteers every week in my class to help with paperwork. She is a wonderful, giving woman. I appreciate her soooooooo much!
We had a Garrett sighting. He was home from college.

We found Mallory (Miss San Diego), Evan and Mallory's sister (Miss Kings County).
After the parade we came home.
Nate is going to help us move into videoland! We will see what we can do!
Hope you enjoy a little more of Hanford Life!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Thanksgiving Taste Of Home...

Hey guys, it's a beautiful fall day in Hanford! Leaves have changed and the air is brisk!

Lyle decorated in grand holiday style. Some of these decorations go back many years!
I remember him designing, cutting, and painting the wooden leaves.

Many good times were spent on these stairs. Now, two stuffed pilgrims wait by the door.

Remember Grandma Colleen's Thanksgiving Pilgrims. They were sure to make an appearance on her table every year!
Well, Thanksgiving will soon be over and this is about as close to the mall Lyle will get for the next month or so....(Cory...see the shirt!)
So it's back to the kitchen for Lyle and Dottie to get the dinner ready for Grandma and me.
We hope you have wonderful food. Enjoy wonderful friends and family. And, always be thankful for all of God's wonderful blessings you have received.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Veteran's Day......Saaaaaalute

We thank and honor our family members that served our country.

Karl Lind
Signal Corps, North Africa, WW II

Nathan Bruce

Navy & Marines, San Diego

Clayton Bruce, bottom row right.
Army Air Corps, Florida, WW II

Friday, November 9, 2007

Meet Lucy....

Lucy is on the left. She belongs to Larry and Janine.

She is a German Short Hair and Lab mix, about 10 weeks old.

We are the unofficial Dogparents. We go over and get her all wound up and then leave. Very satisfying.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

In rememberance.....

November 8th thirteen years ago my mom, Colleen, went home to heaven. I miss her at times. She taught me most of what I know and made me who I am. I look forward to our reunion.....