Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lois Turns 85!

(Still having trouble turning the blog pictures. They are turned in the saved files, but come up all horizontal when I post on the blog.)

Saturday, August 28th, my mom Lois Lind turned 85! As far as she knows, she has lived longer than anyone in her family. She is doing great and had a wonderful day. Her friends across the street brought her a beautiful copper wind chime. They hung it just outside her sliding glass doors to see and hear. Another friend from church, Aldine, took her to breakfast at Denny's and then a little shopping. And, she got so many birthday cards from friends, they almost covered her entire dining table! She is a loved lady!
For dinner, Lyle and I took her Chinese food. It was terrific and quite large potions so there is plenty of leftovers for another day!
Her cake says, "Lois 85th"

I made her a small wall quilt that has 1 Corinthians 13...the love chapter words on it. She wanted it placed where she could see it on a regular basis. So, it fit perfectly over her fireplace.
She got a new dress to wear to church. She looks beautiful in that turquoise color.
Cory, Annie, and Bee sent her a hand made glasses holder.
All in all, she had a great birthday. We pray many more blessings on this special lady! What a pleasure it is to call her "My Mom."

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August Happenings

Could not get this picture to move down!

The last time I blogged, sitting in the chair too long, set off my sciatic nerve into non-stop pain. So today, I am laying on a heating pad on the couch and using the Mac for the 1st time to do a blog. Obviously, I am having trouble turning and moving some pictures.

Anyway, I have been keeping somewhat busy making bags, dolls and my 1st wall quilt.
This doll is for Ainsley Reed.

This doll is for Claire Bringard's 2nd birthday.

This wall quilt is for Hacienda Nursing Home for all the wonderful staff that cared and attended to Lyle's dad Clayton. It has all the thoughts of 1 Corinthians 13...the love chapter. We feel like these qualities were extended to our family and the people they work with each day.

On Monday, Aug. 16th Kate had her 25th birthday. Lyle made her a giant cookie.
On Wed. We had our Bible Study Group for a pot luck and celebration for Lisa and Kate's birthday. The food was fantastic and deserts were plentiful! This is Lisa she just turned 40. She is a sweetheart!
Here is Kate with the same cake.

Moving back in time. On Sat. Aug. 14th we traded our '04 White Maxima for an '07 Copper Orange Ford Edge. We were very pleased dealing with Carmax in Fresno.
Here is Lyle with the first picture of the new car.

We were not sure of the color, but we like it now. We LOVE driving it! More comfortable and higher seats give a great view of the road and countryside. We are still figuring out some of the bells and whistles. The navigation system will be nice when we get it down. It's a fun new toy.
Best of all this month, our Bible Study friends have adopted us as their baby's local grandparents. Kate, Jesse, and baby Ainsley are regulars at the Bruce home. (And we love it!)
Because Kate is continuing her college classes and gets a lot of homework, we have volunteered to take care of Ainsley when she needs time to catch up. Ainsley is the best baby to watch. She smiles and coos, focuses on our black and white pictures, and rarely fusses. She loves to have her pants changed and listen to our voices. She is a sweetie!
My mom, Grandma Lois, likes to come over when we are babysitting. She loves to hold babies! She's a professional baby rocker, working the MOPS crowd for years at the church!
Lyle and I would take her everyday if it were possible, but we have to share with her parents.
We miss her on the days she does not come over!
Because I have not been feeling well and pretty much house bound, Ainsley has been a wonderful distraction for me. There is nothing like a baby in the house. Neighbors and friends have come by and everyone loves to see a baby.

Ainsley turned 7 weeks yesterday. She is a beauty!
I love this picture of them both snoozing. I know Lyle was not completely out, because right after the picture when I thought he was sleeping, I watched his right hand patting her little behind.

Other than my pain and misery, dr's appointments, and couchtime, that is it for this month at our house.

Except, we were very happy to see our friends Jordan and Sarah while they were here on vacation from Spain. They enjoyed the backyard slip and slide with Jordan's cousins on one day last week. They are now headed back to Spain. Also, Alex, aka The German came to visit. It is always nice to catch up on his happenings.

If you read our blog and are in the area, we are people you can just drop in on. We'd love to see you. Come on by!

Lastly, Cory, Annie, and Bee are going to be here by Sept. 11th. We are having Bee's Tea Party Birthday at our house on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 12th from 2-5. If you did not get an invitation, but read our blog, you are invited.
Hope to see you there.