Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Love the New Sewing Machine!

It was time to get a new sewing machine. The Wards Signature model from the 60's was on its way out! My friend, Susan, suggested a Bernina..like a Lexus machine. I was not sure, since I had been using a Kia machine for many years and am pretty tight with my money. When we got to the Bernina dealer in Visalia, Lyle spied the demo machine sale. It was under the $1,000 that we were expecting to see. I liked it right away, but had to go to JoAnn's to see the Singer model I had read about in the Consumer Report. It was only $390 on Amazon.com. Well, JoAnn's offered no demonstration. The lady handed me the manuel and went back to the register. She said she had sold about 15 of them for Christmas. Well, that sold me on the Bernina. Service and Help! I recommend Thimble Town in Visalia. Ask for Stu!

So here it is!

So..Sew...here are some of my new projects. Re purposing Thrift Store finds.
Green Suit Bag. Large, Roomy, and many fun pockets. Yoke top large bag. Fully lined in black. 1 pocket inside.

Medium size plaid purse. Fully lined with 1 pocket inside.I love that my new machine can handle the heavy fabrics I have been using.