Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Thanksgiving Taste Of Home...

Hey guys, it's a beautiful fall day in Hanford! Leaves have changed and the air is brisk!

Lyle decorated in grand holiday style. Some of these decorations go back many years!
I remember him designing, cutting, and painting the wooden leaves.

Many good times were spent on these stairs. Now, two stuffed pilgrims wait by the door.

Remember Grandma Colleen's Thanksgiving Pilgrims. They were sure to make an appearance on her table every year!
Well, Thanksgiving will soon be over and this is about as close to the mall Lyle will get for the next month or so....(Cory...see the shirt!)
So it's back to the kitchen for Lyle and Dottie to get the dinner ready for Grandma and me.
We hope you have wonderful food. Enjoy wonderful friends and family. And, always be thankful for all of God's wonderful blessings you have received.
Happy Thanksgiving!


coryandannie said...

Happy Tofurky Day!

Anonymous said...

tofurky is for liberals> long live the dead bird.

nice reminder of family thanksgiving, see you tomorrow.