Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More July Events 2008

August 8th Cory arrived from NYC. He had flown into the bay area then took a train to Hanford. We met him at 10:30pm. (Annie had to stay home and finish up this year of teaching.) He was the best man for Jordan Bentley and got in 4 days before the wedding to do all the best man things.
On July 9th - 11th we had Nathan's favorite tree taken down at the rental. It was a giant and had limbs hung over the house and in the wires. It was quite a job to land the branches in our yard without taking out the fence or hurting anyone. Eddie and his crew did a fine job!They cleaned away all the brush and we have a lot of firewood left. The backyard seems empty without it! We miss the shade too! But it will be a relief to Lyle's mind the next time there is a storm.
While in town, Lyle needed Cory's help up on the roof at the rental. He was very helpful getting the shingles up to the roof and getting the swamp cooler down. He helped with major clean up of old shingles. He also tried his hand at splitting wood. (It is still too green.)
Marlene is busy taking up carpet strips, pulling up staples, scraping paint off the floor and filling nail holes to get the floor ready for refinishing.
Much of the paint on the moldings had bubbled over time. Lyle has been stripping the paint off to get ready for a new ....unlumpy finish on the woodwork.
July 13-16 we made a quick trip to Vegas. It was relaxing and well needed. With Cory and Grandma Lois in Hanford to take care of Clayton, it was a perfect time to take our little trip.
Truly, Lyle is my Earl of Sandwiches. He should start a business with his wonderful creations!
The weather was beautiful. It was cooler in Vegas than it was in Hanford.
July 19th at 6:00 AM, it was the Mervyn's Shopping Spree for students who were selected by their schools. After a good breakfast from the Lyon's club, I got to take Thomas around to spend his $100 for school clothes. We did very well! Tennis shoes, 4 shirts, 2 Levi jeans, 10 pair of socks, and 6 briefs. He was a very good shopper! Everyone got a backpack full of school supplies as well. It was fun for all.

Today, July 22nd, I got to take my mom to get her driver's licence renewed. She had to pass the eye test and take the written test as well. She was nervous, but kept saying that she had studied and prayed that the Lord would take care of her. Well, He did! She passed everything. So, she is good for another 5 years unless I take it away. She agreed with me that if I thought she was hazard to others or herself, I could take it away earlier. She is a smart lady! I am proud of her!
Well, it has been a busy time and that is why I had to cram a lot into this one blog. I hope you enjoyed the update.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Busy Bees in Hanford! I so happy to have Cory back with me and Bee! Bee missed her daddy!

Anonymous said...

Good post.