Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rental Renovation Continues 5 has been a long time since we blogged! Sorry for the delay, but we have been working every day to get our project complete. Not pictured is THE RENTERS MOVED THEIR BELONGINGS OUT OF THE HOUSE! YEA! FINALLY! After filling 4 dumpsters with their rotted junk and our cast offs from renovation, we still need more dumpsters to get it all cleared away. But some may have to wait until October....Lyle is taking September off from the rental! Taylor and Kristian are moving in at the end of this it is wrap-up time inside the house.
Our big news....the Air Conditioner work in the house is complete! Yea! They will be placing the unit on the roof Tuesday at 4:00 pm. It is 1 more hour of work for my friends Steve and Ron. They have done a fabulous job.
Here is the thermostat. This new beautiful return replaces the old cooler vent in the hall by the bedrooms.
Here is a picture of the AC vent in the living room...It looks fabulous to me!
Now, Lyle is working on closing in the wall where the old wall furnace use to be.
It already looks better than before!
Today, my improvement project was to paint the original steps and patio to the back yard. Now it is the laundry room and the entrance to the the back room addition. It was in very ugly condition! When we lived there, we had it carpeted with a burgundy color indoor/outdoor carpet with Z-Brick on the stairs. Over the happened. Bricks got chipped, so we removed them after a couple of renters. There was flooding from the laundry area...and some renter removed the carpet and left the old cement exposed....functional...but ugly!
Well, tonight, I painted! It is by no means perfect, but it is definitely an improvement!
We are thrilled to be winding down on the inside. We made a decision to just clean the back room. I filled in hundreds of holes, washed the walls, washed the windows and the shutters, and vacuumed. I tried to wash the black from the ceiling, but was not successful. We think the last renter used many candles in the south side of the room...but we just don't have time to paint.
In October, Lyle will be working on the outside. The rain gutters need to be removed and some boards need replacement. He is already thinking and planning the new colors to be painted. The patio is cleared off, but there is still a lot of wood in the backyard to be split and moved. The old renters said they would be coming for the swing, old tires, and junk along the south side of the house. I hope that is true.

Just as a parting shot, I took a picture of Clayton and Lyle on Friday. We are working with a financial coach who is helping us to get Clayton qualified for Medical. Clayton is happy that we have found someone to guide us. It is a lot of work for Lyle, but we believe it will pay off in the long run. Please keep Clayton and Lyle in your prayers. We want God's perfect will in our lives and decisions.

Bye for now...


Twice the blessing, plus one said...

Marlene- I can't believe the transformation the house is going through. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! You and Lyle have done a wonderful job!

Bakka said...

is looking good....thanks.