Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter, TEA and Nate

On Easter, we all enjoyed seeing and holding Avery Dedekian. She was 2.5 weeks old and just loves to sleep. Uncle Leonard is loving this! Addison got to hunt Easter eggs with no competition this year. She gets lots of help on colors to look for and locations to look from all the adult helpers. She had a great time!

Even Hazel got to enjoy a little Easter with the family this year. It was a fun time. Thanks Bob and Linda for having us!

Well, April 15th was our day to protest TAXES. We participated with hundreds of other people in and around Hanford about the over-extension of government in our lives. We were happy that there were more than Republican there.

Yea! On Friday Nate came to help us! We really appreciate Nathan's willing heart and effort to help us in our time of need. Lyle has been working on cleaning up his dad's old place which is currently a rental. Lyle has built and rebuilt fences and is now working on cleaning out his dad's old shed area. Not only is it an eye sore, it has had varmints in it. Nathan drove all the way to Hanford to help his dad with this dirty project. Thanks Nate! Clayton has been wanting a "Field Trip," so Lyle brought him over to watch. Clayton loved the outing and was treated to McDonald's lunch.

The back part of the roof is now removed thanks to Nate and Lyle's hard work on Saturday morning.
Although this is a lousy picture, I wanted to get Nate's picture on the desktop to let everyone know how much he helped me with my new computer. Annie and Bee are on my screen saver, but Nate showed me how to take pictures of us with my new Mac Book. He set it up and showed me more than I will ever remember...But, THANK YOU! YOU ARE FABULOUS, NATE!
Here is a better shot of my wonderful Birthday Toy from Lyle. Thank you! I love my new computer! It is something I have wanted for a long time.

Looking forward to doing marvelous things with my new machine. After all his hard work, Nate took his grandma Lois to lunch on Saturday. He spent the afternoon with her. She love that! And after going to church with us on Sunday, Nate treated me to an early Mother's Day lunch at Figero's Southwestern Mexican Resturant. Thanks again, Nate. We had a great weekend with him!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the shed and backyard look SOOO much smaller than I remember. I bet Clayton was glad to get out and personally oversee the dismantling.

Great Blog!