Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fun time In LV - Love the Encore!

Arriving on NASCAR Sunday... Surprised that the traffic was not bad... We had a Fantastic trip to LV for a 2 night stay at the Encore.... Twin tower to the Wynn. This is one of our views from our 14th floor room. It was the best hotel to date to stay in. Really a 1st class experience.
View from the entry. Long hall past the bathroom with 3 huge mirrors across from the double door lighted full service closet.
Right side is a wall mirror of the left side. This is the TV across from the bed but open to the living room and floor to ceiling window wall of a fabulous view.
This is the living area reflecting into the windows.
Looking back to the bedroom.
Full service amenities.
Our desk area.

Living room back to the bedroom.

Ipod deck....
Today we were going to see the Cosmopolitan Hotel for the 1st time, but decided it was too much of a walk for me on my walker...
So we rode the tram to the Bellagio to see the latest garden...
This is Jean Phillipe's Chocolate store.... In Easter mode...
Space bunnies and ship are all out of chocolate!

When we got to the garden... we were surprised! Stripped!!!!! Everything that was there in November was gone... Even the windows were removed from the Orchid greenhouse!

Workmen were trying to reposition one of the branches back onto the redecorated tree. They were having a terrible time getting the steel rods to fit back into place.
Here is another branch to be put up on the tree. We were wondering what the new look would be.... When we got to the hotel lobby, there were pictures of what would be coming...
A Ferris Wheel...
But, this was the sight today....
On the way home, Lyle pulled off the road just before Barstow to see the Calico Early Man Site... Note that is is not open on Tuesday....the day we decided to stop! Went up the dirt road to the gate... but could not see anything. I guess it will be a destination on another day... but not in the summer!

Desert landscape with trails.... Now who walks all over this place to make trails???? What are they doing?
Dirt road!
Lyle drove the entire way home! We had such a great time!
So Nice to get away for a little trip!



nate-in-the-box said...

grad students make those trails!

glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

I guess everyone knows what she means by full service amemites when she shows a picture of me under that description.