Monday, July 23, 2007

Hello from New York City!

Hey....I finally got on!
This 6th day of my NY trip is very wet and rainy. I am at Annie's school in Harlem. I think it will be too wet to proceed with any of our sightseeing plans for today. I have walked many places in "The City." I have visited Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Statton Island (briefly). Cory is a great guide and host! Annie continues to be very busy with school and side jobs, besides hostessing 3 California ladies from the Central Valley. I hope to post pictures when I return to CA on Wednesday.
Thanks to Lyle for holding down the fort!
Appologies and Regrets for not calling Nate and Meg on their Anniversary!
Love you all!

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nate-in-the-box said...

nice to know you're still alive, and enjoying yourself. no worries, we had a very nice little anniversary. missed your call on sunday (i realized it too late) can't wait to see the pictures.