Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sharing My Last Day in NYC...a fabulous trip!

Thanks to Annie for posting a lot of my adventure pictures on Cory and Annie's Blog. So I will give you the last day's happenings, so you can understand how packed each day really was.
This day started with going to the Empire State Building. Then on to shopping on 5th Avenue. I purchased shirts, key chains, and post cards.
We were heading north so we went to the NY Public Library. This place was amazing inside...marble, paintings, woodworking, carved marble staircase railings....over the top! Our bags were checked by security 4 times in our short visit!
I loved the Diamond District! There were some nice pieces of jewelry. I could only see 1 price on a smaller Yellow diamond with smaller diamonds on each side of the ring....$62,800! It was NOT one of the larger rings! Woo Woo!
Not pictured here, we ate at 'wich Craft it was a sandwich place that had really crafted sandwiches! Yummy!
This is one of the window displays in a bank or office building. Simple everyday things painted silver, strung from the 20 foot ceiling....wonderful conversation piece! (The art and ideas are amazing!)
Dylan's Candy Bar was an amazing place! Giant everything! It's amazing what you can do with a simple product to attract business. I was a little shocked that my bill for 4 simple items was $9.75! The old fashioned Teaberry gum...$2.50 a pack...well it had 16 sticks in it! But, still fun!
Next we took a sky tram across the river to Roosevelt Island. The views were fabulous! On the left is Manhattan, on the right is Roosevelt Island.
The walking areas were clean and well landscaped. The sound of the water and a few boats passing by really gave a relaxing feeling on this island so close to the big city.
Just this short distance from the city was so peaceful and relaxing! Calm! Quiet! away from the people, cars, hustle and bustle of the city! There are 3 hospitals on this 2 mile island. I saw more wheelchairs than ever before in one place.
The water on both sides of this narrow island was a perfect place to snap pictures of Manhattan and Queens. This is Manhattan side.
The town, schools and residential part is to the north. It reminded us of going to Vail but smaller. There is only 1 main street in the town. Only 1 grocery store, and few places to eat. We did walk through a thrift store. It was clean and quiet living. You can see the water on both sides of the island as you walk down the street! Cory said it is mostly retired living and low income apartments and condos here. There were cars, but the
only car bridge is from Queens.

We returned to Manhattan lower east village by a subway that runs under the river! It was 3 long escalator rides down to get to the trains. We walked around this village. Cory found an Indian place to eat...the food was too spicy for me. I found Two Boots Pizza and had the best pizza I have ever tasted! Then we went for the best cupcake in the city...Sugar Sweet Sunshine has wonderful Pistachio Cupcakes! Cory and Marvin, "Little Marvin", had a show to do at Mo Pikins comady place. I got to see the guys do a short show. The crowd loved them the best. I could watch the crowd and the show. It was fun! Afterwards, we went waited for Marvin to have dinner and we headed home. We got home about 10:30. (After Annie got out of school, she met her friends from Fresno and went shopping with them.)
Well here is our last photo before I left at 3:30AM. Cory and Annie are doing great and love the city! Little Marvin is not so little at 6 foot 4 inches. (I loved him from the first time we met! Smart, Upbeat, Handsome, Thoughtful!) They all showed me a great time!
Thanks are fabulous!


Anonymous said...

Excellent blog! Full of detail and insight, and pictures were incorporated effectively. A+ It was great having you over and we hope to have you back! Glad you liked The City.


President: Park Place Hotels Brooklyn, New York

nate-in-the-box said...

wow, you do get everywhere don't you. how did the shoes hold up? glad you had a safe and fulfilling trip.

talk to you soon.