Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Trip to Santa Barbara

On Tuesday we took a little trip to Santa Barbara. It was a good choice for weather! Hanford was 102 degrees...Santa Barbara...Nice!

Tuesday is their Farmer's Market day. We like to see the sights and watch the people. There were a lot of different characters. Santa Barbara is an amazing place to relax and take it all in.

Well, Cory and Annie, I thought of you each time I went by a Thai or Indian restaurant. There were several that we saw on this trip. (I was amazed that in a short trip through Atascadero we spotted no less than 3 on the main street while looking for a gas station!)

Yes, we visited an old junk shop on State Street.

The market was huge! Many varieties of very different vegetables and fruits along with beautiful flowers, honey, nuts, etc. It was very crowded. I waited for a break in the crowd to get this picture.

Kristian....I have not perfected the mirror picture craft yet.

The Peace store was interesting.

This was an interesting concept for me. They offer a large variety of shoe tops and different styles of wooden soles. You choose what you want and they make it up for you.

Notice all the safety railings? Not! Many people were fishing. The weather was perfect!

For Meg and Nate...this friendly pelican and seagull got a lot of attention and pictures.

The views were amazing...water to mountains.

The lighthouse is part of a restaurant.

Last look at this beautiful paradise at dusk.
Hope you enjoyed this segment of our trip.


Travel_with_a_purpose said...

Santa Barbara looks wonderful...You should have stayed for Fiesta over the weekend!

Alexander said...

I looks like you guys lead the most exciting life, I hope I will be in Santa Barbara soon next couple weeks, tell me where the hot spots are. Thanks

Bakka said...

what are you going to do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk....

Anonymous said...

I thought white would be slimming but the stripes, in retrospect, were a mistake. Midget