Friday, December 21, 2007

Cory & Annie Home for Christmas!

Cory and Annie are home for Christmas from New York City. Mallory picked them up in Fresno and brought them home to us on Thursday night. Dottie is very excited to see her long lost buddies.
The kids are posin' now by the warm fire, but they will be out and about. Catching up with family and friends....and doing a movie project while here. (I am always amazed how much these two can get done in such a little time.)
One last "Cheese" before Mallory has to head out. Welcome home kids!


Anonymous said...

glad you made it safe. hope the flight was smooth. see you in a week.

Anonymous said...

Please disregard any previous photos of Mallory and boyfriends of the male type. She's available, sash and all.