Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Decorating for Christmas...

Wow, it is time to decorate for Christmas again! This year we are going "lite," "light." There are not going to be any kids here at Christmas this year. This year the family starts gathering January 13th when Cory, Annie, and Bee come from NYC. So, the more you put up in decorations, the more you have to put away.
This year we are displaying Cory's dumpster find from last year! Yes, you may recognize the giant Christmas balls from the Mervyn's displays from last year. After Christmas, Cory and Annie were find! We stored them all year in our attic.
I like them!

Yes, the decorated tree came decorated. All we had to do is bag it all year and uncover it. It really looks nice as you come up. The Santa has "The Bruce's" printed on it. It was a gift from Colleen, Lyle's mom, from around 1980. We put it out each year! It is a great memory of her!

Well, this is Bee's special place. Last year I found a sale on "Snow Babies." The music box and ornament were for my future grandkids. Boy are we surprised that we have a granddaughter for this Christmas! A true miracle! So, this arrangement is for Bee!
Well, the mantle would not be complete without the focus of Christmas...Jesus, the light of the world! We love the season and enjoy saying, "Merry Christmas!" We have Christmas with us everyday!
Oh, yes....Dottie's stocking is the only one out this year. Lyle thinks it's a little sad not to hang them all. But, I think she is our only child to be with us this year. It will be okay for this year.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas month! Share the Love!

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"We've got the biggest balls of them all"