Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lyle and the Rental 09

Well the summer of 2008 was spent redoing the old part of our rental.
Now it is time to fix up our additions.
The deck we once enjoyed coming out of these french doors has weathered away.
So here is Lyle doing cement.
This is about 21 square feet.
It about kills him to man those 200 lb. wheelbarrows full of cement!
But the finished product is beautiful!
Inside is being painted as well.
The ceiling needs some repair and is yet to be painted.
The ceiling fan will be replaced and the pot lights will be fixed and covered.
I always loved our skylights!
Cleaning the bricks and windows of dirt and cobwebs!
Working with the 11 foot ceiling is tricky, but he finds a way!

Loose tape is pulled down to repair before painting.
More finishing on the cement.
The second pour of cement running to the west.
There are 2 more pours to do to complete this job.When Lyle got up this morning, he said
there was not even 1 square inch of his body that did not ache!
This cement work is a labor of love...
and he doesn't want to pay someone to do it!

Today the patching took place. I was the spotter!
Lyle is pretty agile and did not fall.
Stay tuned for more of our rental exploits.
Bye for now.

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