Friday, January 7, 2011

Random Thoughts About Selling Off Part Of Our History.....

Thirty-four years ago, right about this time, we began the process of buying our first house. It was a wreck, but it was our wreck. It's gone through many changes over the years. We lived in it exactly 10 years to the day. There have been many friends and people that would become friends live in it during it's life as a rental. I still can see my dad on the roof of the addition when he was almost exactly my age now, helping me put up the sheathing. I'll never forget the day of the Coalinga earthquake, grabbing Nathan out of his highchair and getting out side. When we were surprised by Cory's arrival, I built him a room carved out of the living room. I can see Marlene's dad Karl helping me dig out and drag a blue gum tree with a six inch trunk to the back yard and replant it, where it would grow to thirty feet with a 24 inch trunk. So many other times that shaped our marriage and life as a family. We tried to sell it when we moved but that's not what God had ordered. Overall it was a good experience keeping it as a rental.....but I'm older now and it was time to let the old girl go (not Marlene).

We got the check today....I'm disappointed that there were not six figures on it. You would not believe the people that start grabbing money from you, it's all legal, when you sell a house. I'm very frustrated with the process itself. Poor communication, lack of proper representation etc. I'll just say, I'm not impressed with Dave Ramsey's ELP. I feel a sense of loss, that a part of me is gone. In my head I tell myself it's for the best, but my heart says you've poured a big part of your life into that house. I left the keys in the house the other day and locked the door to walk away for good and for just a nanosecond I thought "what are you doing?". But I drove away and for awhile I will be avoiding going by because it's not mine anymore and I don't want to see it in that light. I said all along that if the house was going to sell, God would have to sell it. He did and I can rest in that.

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coryandannie said...

Wow! Your blog brought tears to my eyes! You are amazing parents! I love you so much! I look up to you both so much because I love how honest, loving, real, patient, smart and realistic you both are! And most of all I love that you trust God with all of your heart!
love, annie