Thursday, February 3, 2011

Honoring Quinton Bruce...

Today was a special day to remember and honor a very special man... Quinton Bruce.
I always knew him as Uncle Quint, but just called him Quint.
One month short of becoming 92, Quint went to be with Jesus and be reunited with his wife, Florence, and other family in heaven. I am sure he is a very happy man today!
Quint was a quiet man with a great sense of humor. His delivery was usually subtle, but always sharp and a thinker. His mechanical and artistic skills on cars was amazing.
I remember the time he replaced my car's back right door because I failed to close it when backing out of the garage. He fixed it like new and wouldn't take anything for his time or talent. He was just like that. Helping others and being kind and thoughtful. We will miss this wonderful man!

Well, here are pictures of friends and family that came to the church today to share in his memory. Enjoy and copy and print anything that you want to keep.

Blessings and sweet memories to all Quint's friends and family.

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