Sunday, June 12, 2011

35th Anniversary

35 years ago today, we said our marriage vows in front of about 150 people gathered together at Calvary Temple in Denver, Colorado. It was a very special day for us and our families.

You never know the future and all the things that will happen your journey together.

There have been some sad times with the passing of some of our family and friends and some illnesses. But, looking back, most of our life together has been better than worse. We have always felt the hand of God leading, guiding, and protecting us and our children. We have been blessed with 2 wonderful sons who continue to make us proud parents. 2 daughter-in-laws that have enriched the lives of our sons and have brought happiness to our family. And one granddaughter, Bee, who brings more joy than we could ever imagine.
We may not look as young, fit, and trim as we used to, but our love, joy, and faith has expanded with our bodies over the years. (Even though, we would like to have the bodies of our 20's... it just is not going to happen.)

I love this man... Faithful, Loyal, Thoughtful, Giving, Kind, Generous, Helpful, Great Cook, Fantastic Handyman, HouseKeeper, Baby Sitter, Electrician, Plumber, Artist, Care-giver, Christian, Husband, Father, Lover, and soooooo much more.
We are best friend and love to be together...
Who knows what our future paths may bring, but we enjoy each day we have together and know that God will take care of our future.
Feeling so Blessed on this June 12, 2011 to be together 35 years and continuing to walk in God's light and love.

Oh yes, loving the newly renovated backyard that Lyle has put so much time, labor, and love into being a peaceful place to relax and enjoy.


Jon and Jolie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Belated congratulations and best wishes always, Lyle and Marlene!

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