Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My mom, Lois Lind, had a wonderful Memorial Service at Glad Tidings Church in Hanford, California. She entered Heaven's gates on July 24th and her memorials were on July 29th. In California the service started at 11:00 and in Littleton, Colorado the graveside service began at 2:00 where she was buried next to my dad, Karl.
(There are so many wonderful pictures, videos, and thoughts from both of these special events, but my computer is only loading 1 picture at a time, so I feel I am limiting this precious memory.)

This picture is her Pastor Rick McCollough. He really knew her and did a great job in relating what a wonderful woman of God my mom was. We decided to put on the table 2 pictures of her. One of her in her 20's and her most recent one from her church directory. There was her "Grandma Remembers" Book, an angel from her massive collection, one of her many awards for volunteer service... this one for working with the 3 and 4 year old Rainbow Group at the church, and a tray of her fruit cake which was shared after the service. The EB Butts family sent a beautiful bouquet on the left and the family flowers were on the right.
Our family thought it was fitting, because she was "not a big deal" type of person. She just loved and served God with all her heart!

This is Bee and her Mimi after the service. We both inherited Grandma Lois' curly hair and we call ourselves "The Curly Girlies."
Cory's wife Annie is pictured between her 2 grandmas. What wonderful women they are! This was a very special moment for Annie to have both of her grandma's with her at Grandma Lois' Memorial, because the all live so far apart.

Lyle loves his 2 grand-girls. Bee is on the left and is 2, and will be 3 on October 13th. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. Ainsley turned 1 on July 6th, and now lives in Virginia Beach, VA. We miss being with both girls tremendously! This was such a special moment....

Bee is playing with her Uncle Nate. They have such a great time together!

Well here is our family minus 1. Nate's wife, Meg, was out of town working. Nate & Meg currently live in Anaheim, CA. Cory, Annie, and Bee live in Brooklyn, NY, and our adopted Navy family, Kate, Jesse, and Ainsley, just moved to Virginia Beach, VA. Hanford is a lonely place without this group, but we do keep in touch with Ichats, packages, and phone calls.

We needed one picture with "Grandma Lois." She was so special to each one of us. There are not enough words to express our love and appreciation of this wonderful lady. She was a friend magnet. She made lemonade out of most of her life. She made wonderful lemon pies that many people will miss around Hanford. She loved and prayed for each one of us and trusted God with all her heart.
As I reflect on the circumstances of her last days, I am in awe of how many miracles God provided for all of us. We are so grateful to know for certain that she is rejoicing in Heaven with her friends and loved ones in her new perfect body.

I still cry everyday when I reflect and miss her, but it is not for her.... it is for me. I miss her so much. She was a great mom, she ran the race, she finished the course, and I know she heard the words, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

I want to thank all those who knew and loved on my mom. I have such precious memories from her stories and friends who have shown her great love and kindness. Blessings to you all!

Sincerely in Christ's Love,


Amy Taylor said...

What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful lady.

Anonymous said...

And what a blessing to know that we will be reunited with our loved ones in Heaven on that glorious day when Christ calls us all Home! :)