Thursday, May 10, 2007

Farmers Market

I had to make several dozen muffins for Marlene to take to school for those ravenous teachers. Many varieties are represented.
This was a busy place and perfect weather. The band wasn't the greatest.

Cory, I threw this one in for Joe. It'll probably make him cry.

I thought I'd take a bunch of pictures. Well the battery lasted about four pictures. Saw Vince and Heather and others. The food smelled really good.

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coryandannie said...

Great Farmers Market pics! I am glad to see your blog branch out to a broader content base. Makes me proud. (And Joe hungry)

I'm also glad that you got the veiled, but brilliant Mary Crewse reference I had Annie sneak in recently. Nathan was disappointingly silent, so I'm assuming it flew past him without stopping.

The muffins look tasty.