Friday, May 4, 2007

Marlene's Birthday

This was part of dinner...artichoke, black olive and pepperoni pizza from that famous pizza place on the west coast.

We had a great time taking pictures of each other with the cameras. We found the digital camera takes much better stills than the new camcorder. Our friends and yours were here to help celebrate. Paul and Susan and Larry and Jeanine.

Dottie is always on guard for those big brown trucks that just drive her crazy.

We had a cookie sampler instead of a cake.

Darlene and Clayton came over to say Happy Birthday. She is still having a hard time of it but she is better than anyone thought she would be at this point.

There have been some changes to the backyard. It is still a work in progress. The grass isn't in yet and some of the plants got hit hard by the freezes we had in Jan. The sprinklers are in and the electical is about done so it shouldn't be too long before the grass goes in.

My Amarilis have bloomed like never before. Unfortunately they don't last long, but they are really cool when they are out.

Well that's about all there is for this time. I'm amazed that we got this much put up. I hope I can remember how to do it the next time. I think there is an easier way to do the pictures but I don't know how just yet. See you soon.
L and M


Bill Lind said...


Right-on Marlene & Lyle. When you have your own blogspot, you have arrived. It looks good. Oh, by the way, happy birthday Marlene. Looks like you are doing some work in your yard. Will check it out around May 18-20 when we visit there.

Uncle Bill

coryandannie said...

Nice blogging! I love the pictures. Does that famous west coast pizza place deliver to Brooklyn? I will pay top dollar.