Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lorie who?

I have been waiting years to see Lorie Line in concert. She finally made a stop in Fresno at the Tower Theater last night. Just her and a small band. It was incredible. She is a fabulous pianist, composer, entertainer and the nicest person you would ever want to meet.
I know, she's over the top with her hair and wardrobe but that's just who she is and you soon forget about it when you hear her play and get to talk to her.

The band was unbelievable and the sound in the theater was perfect.

We were right at the stage. It is a very well restored theater and the first time we had ever been in there.

It was exciting to get to meet her and talk for a few minutes....she's very gracious with her time. Go out and pick up a CD. Can't wait to see her next year or maybe her Christmas show.

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coryandannie said...

Over the top? I don't think so. Unless she always dresses like that!