Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Clayton's 89th Birthday Fun

Today was Clayton's big outing for his birthday. After a ride into the country to see the trees and a ride through the Hanford Mall, he was treated to his favorite vanilla milkshake, hamburger, fries, and apple pie at Freedom Park. It took a while, but he polished off all the food!

Then it was time for his park tour. Lyle and Clayton had never been to this park before. So they took advantage of all the sites. Not pictured, but 1st, they went by the splash fountains. There were kids enjoying the water even during the mile 77 degree weather. It was a perfect day!
Here is Clayton and Lyle enjoying the huge jungle gym. It is all wheelchair access, so there was nothing stopping them from enjoying the entire adventure.

Clayton was wondering which room had been my classroom. Lyle pushed him up to the gate that connects my old school (which is the newest in town) with this new park. My classroom was the one farthest to the left at the far end of this wing. Room 504....but I turned in my keys when I retired last Friday. It is not mine anymore....Just had to get that into this blog! Excitement!
Then after doing the entire walking trail and stopping to watch the dogs at the dog park, we took Clayton back home so he could get a nap before we returned after dinner.

Here he is with the balloons back on his chair in front of his room 302. We know he liked this special time. He thanked us over and over again. He did really well and it seemed to be just the right amount of time to not totally wear him out. (We will see how tired he is tomorrow to be sure.) Well, Happy Birthday Clayton! You have lived a long time! Glad you had a nice day! We love you!

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Grandpa looks great! The new park looks fun too.

Great blog