Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bathroom Remodel Again!

We have a new vision for the downstairs bathroom. Unfortunately, Lyle chose this week with over 100 degree temperatures to begin the demolition and reconstruction. This is early in the morning when it was cooler! Walls coming down to make way for tile backer board and wiring for electrical.

Goodbye to our custom geometric style!

Goodbye to Hollywood lights!
Hello to 2 new sconces!
Hello to more of a furniture look.
Don't panic.....This is just a dry fit! More to come as work continues. Lyle is amazing!


nate-in-the-box said...

i like the sconses. you did pick a crap week to do this, it must be really bad in that little room.

Happynhanford said...

It's pretty bad, but when your interior design clock says go, you have to go. D

coryandannie said...

I love loo, see!