Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bathroom Remodel Continues...

With the plumbing completed and the Wonderboard up,
Lyle has gone to tile.
We decided on a brick pattern
and avoid the cutting of the diagonals!

Last night, Lyle got the floor in.
It needs to set up for a while before you can grout.

This morning, he began the wall tiles. I like the look!
Decreative tile rows will go next.
Right now, I hear the tile saw.
Lyle is cutting circles in the tiles for the pipes.
More to come later.


nate-in-the-box said...

did you ever try out the handy dandy tile cutter?

the floor looks good.

Happynhanford said...

NOt yet. The pipe cuts were near edges so they were easy to do on the saw.