Monday, June 4, 2007

Cultural weekend

Saw the national tour of Hairspray on Saturday. That is a very entertaining show. High energy, lot's of dancing and just overall, very well done. Can't wait to see it again sometime.

Sunday evening was the symphonies last concert of the season and they always do it in the park. It's always a very good concert and draws a pretty large crowd since it's free.

Here are two very typical concert goers.

You always know school is close to being out when this concert takes place. Yaaaaaah. Next week it's Vegas, so hopefully I can come up with entertaining shots for all the fans out there.


Bakka said...

that was a well angled shot of yourselves. i have taught you well....

Anonymous said...

Hair Spray is one of my favorite movies. I must see it live! I am eager to see Vegas pictures and I am glad that it marks the start of summer vacation for you.