Friday, June 15, 2007

Vegas Travelog

When we go to Vegas, we hit some unusual spots that most people don't go to. We'll show you a few of these spots on this trip. We left early Sun. morning, dropping the dog off at Lois'.
This is what it looks like when we get in the car.....Marlene is asleep.

We were staying at Silverton and most of you are asking, where? It's located about 3 miles south of Mandalay Bay on the 15. It used to be a little out of the way dump that you flew past on the way to the strip. A couple of years ago they pretty much gutted it and made it much larger. It is a beautiful place and the rooms are excellent. They were kind enough to send us about a weeks free rooms so we go where ever the free rooms are.

When then remodeled, they add a Bass Pro Shop to the building. It is connected to the hotel-casino. These places are something just to walk through. You can't believe how big they are. There are waterfalls and fish tanks the size of swimming pools, duck ponds, turtles, etc inside this thing. There is a pistol range, rifle range, archery range, electronic shooting gallery, fly fishing pond, etc.

Bass Pro has some marketing connection with Orange County Choppers and sell their stuff. OCC made this motorcycle for them. Everything is about bass fishing on it. The picture doesn't do it justice.

As you transition from the BPS to the Silverton, there is a huge aquarium that is a little smaller than the kelp forrest one in Monterey. The divers come in and feed the fish every so often. There are 5 thousand fish in there. The rays seem to always put on a good show. You can walk all the way around this tank and there are places where you can step into the glass side of it. Cool.

You can call me Ray.

That's all my flu ravaged body will allow for now. I have more interesting places you've never seen in Las Vegas coming. Stay tuned.


Bakka said...
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Bakka said...

taking pictures of yourself with people sleeping. well done. this has been the last of your training grasshopper. you are now released into the world to help make it a more interesting place.....

Anonymous said...

Taken whilst driving also!!