Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sipside Six

Let's begin by saying.... HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY CORY AND ANNIE!!! It was June 17th last year that we welcomed Annie to the family. That was a fun wedding.

Here's where it all began.

I made you some cookies in celebration. Marlene will have a good time eating them for you.

It's now HAPPY FATHERS DAY. We happened to visit Annie's church and ran into a lot of her family. That's of course me on the left with Annie's grandma Asta and her dad Robert.

This is Annie's grandpa Tom in the middle and his brother who was visiting from Las Vegas.

Good picture of the two youngsters. Your uncle was very appreciative to have this picture taken.

The paint job looks good.


coryandannie said...

Thank you so much for the awesome blog. It is so nice to see current pictures of my family. The cookies look great. I am sad that I am not there to eat them. We had a really nice anniversary weekend.

coryandannie said...

Happy Anniversary Marlene and Lyle! #26

Anonymous said...

If by 26 you mean 31, then thank you.