Thursday, June 7, 2007

This little Nathan went to market....

It was nice to have Nathan home for a few days. He got to go to the weekly gathering of the local yocals where he was bound to see old friends and sure enough he did. It was a large crowd and we also ran into many people that we don't see anywhere else but the market. Without further ado, let the pictures begin......

That Kristian is rubbing off on me and I'm learning the angles.

Who is that behind those Oakleys?

This is a guy named Saul that I went to school with. Marlene had their daughter in kindergarten, she's now 21. Saul had a band in the 60's and I was telling Nathan how I did some of the light shows when he played.

This Caddie was something else. It sat right on the ground. Nice paint also. The rims were 20's or 22's and there was only about 1 inch of profile on the tires.

This thing was nice. I've never seen it in town before.

My step-sister Colleen and her husband Dean. Very nice people.

The Dudley's. She's a teacher. They are moving this summer. They also have kids about Nathan's age.

Mother and child.

More friends.

Oh look!! It's some of Sip's relatives. This is Phillip, Annie's brother and his wife and new baby.

My homage to KB.

Mother and child part deaux.

Willie and Saul...old classmates of mine.


Alexander said...

another market without me, I have to get to Hanford on Thursdays. Nice pictures, you and Kristian have to teach me the angles too. Don't like taking pictures of myself, but it works for you guys.

Bakka said...

i dont know if i need to blog anymore. we are becoming one.

oh, and its best to have the flash off when doing the reflection pictures if possible. good progress though, grasshopper....

Anonymous said...

The student will never be as great as the teacher. The flash did give me a Hitlerish look. Midget

Anonymous said...

This blog had something for everybody! Annie really liked your coverage on her new niece.

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